Travel to South Korea

That was my first travel to abroad; in fact that was my first travel by flight. I am excited, confused and worried, it’s a mixed feelings. Before a month to travel, I started shopping, packing and lot more preparations. Common on, I know it’s a bit early but its my first travel right, excitement is allowed. I was talking to people who already traveled to south korea and getting required information and got some information from google.

Before the day of travel the company guy has given me 500$ for initial expenses. The day has come, I have to leave my family to South Korea, I reached airport with my family. I took blessing from my parents and said bye to my brother and sister and walked towards check-in formalities.

As I said it was my first flight, I was a bit worried, while check-in, my luggage was overweight and by that time my parents left the place. The airlines lady was insisting me to go for business class so that I get more luggage limit. Then i called my parents and they came back and I gave back some of the unnecessary luggage and then checked-in. Hmmmm it’s a unforgettable situation :-(.

Gate number where I took my first Flight

All security checks are done and I reached particular gate and was waiting for the flight announcement.

My First Flight @ Window Seat…

I got into the flight and was feeling great, as if I achieved something big.  I sat in the allotted seat and looking through the window. It was scenic. Then had my dinner, I don’t know whether it is dinner or early breakfast hahaha….


                   Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand

There was a transit at Thailand and there was a time gap of 8 hrs to my next flight. So I thought of going out. I took on-arrival visa which costed me 100$, I came out and consulted some travel agency and they arranged a tourism cab for 5 hrs which costed me 130$ (not sure).

Wat Benchamabophit Buddha Temple also known as Marble Temple

He took me to the famous temples and boating area, I wanted to go for boating but I was running short of time.

I visited a gold shop where they explained about different stones and  all other stuff. What I observed in Thailand is that they also believe in Epic Ramayana. I don’t know the whole history how and all. The lady in the gold shop was explaining .

Suvarnabhumi Airport (sorry for bad picture)

I came back to airport to my catch flight, I observed the display, that my flight was cancelled. I didn’t believe that, I went in and was enquiring with the airlines, shocking news was flight got cancelled. I was disappointed, you know why, if I would have known this I would have stayed outside and visited few more places. Most of the people were accommodated in other flights.

But they couldn’t accommodate me, then after a big discussion with airlines they agreed to give accommodation in NOVOTEL. Flight was on the next day evening. So nicely enjoyed in 5-Star hotel. But the problem is I am a vegetarian and other than salads I couldn’t anything there, as most of the dishes contain egg and meat.

Evening I took the flight and flew to South Korea.

I  took my luggage and came out to catch the bus to Suwon. I requested another Indian for a phone and i called my senior where in he will receive me in Suwon.  So I took the ticket and boarded the bus and some how managed to talk to the next guy thank god he speaks english but he got down before me. Whole journey I was looking into the window so that I will not miss my stop. Some how i found my senior and  got down. Then we took a cab and reached my apartment. Got fresh and unpacked my luggage.

My Office @ South Korea

Next day me and my senior went to office.  What I observe is, all people look alike. I couldn’t differentiate. It took one month for me to identify people. Interesting part is that my korean friend (my colleague but he has become a good friend of mine) told me that when he visited India he also felt the same that all people look alike. It may be true.

My Korean Friend…

Now the problem is my apartment is a bit far from office,  then my Korean colleague helped me in finding a apartment near to office which is at a walkable distance. He helped me alot. Thank you so much JY.

Appartment where I lived in South Korea
My House Owner

My house owner is a lady she is very very nice. She was welcoming, what I observe in Korea is people are so welcoming and they like Indians and they respect us our culture and I never had a bad experience there. My 6 months stay went very well.

My house owner helped me in finding grocery shop, super market, Indian store and all other necessary items.

Few of the koreans were interested in taking photographs with me. 🙂



If you are a vegetarian then it’s a tough time for you. You have to cook, because no pure vegetarian foods are available.  So be careful. I learned cooking in that 6 months. I packed all spices, Mixer, cooker and all necessary items from India for cooking that’s how i survived. There are so many vegetarian restaurants where you get pure Korean veg dishes. You dont belive korean food is very tasty. I really miss it. Also we can find Indian restaurants almost all places in Korea. So don’t worry of missing Indian food.

Culture & Dressing:

What I observed is, they dont use cots and beds, they sleep on the wooden floor. In winter to bare the cold tenperature of minus degrees, they have a arrangement of water lines in their floor so that hot water is circulated and the room gets warm. Every korean house is very very clean and tidy. Also they are not so religious, they belive in themselves. Usullay every lady is well dressed and you will find them with a good makeup, belief is that if you can groom urself good then you could groom your family too. You can see in picture, that is the costume for marriage of any korean lady.

Shopping and Transportation:

South Korea is one of the best place to buy electronics with reasonable prices. I bought 2 phones for very good price.

I should say korea is the one among the best place for shopping and it is very reasonable with high quality. I bought so many winter jackets, dresses. One important thing is we get worlds best cosmetics. Aw some cosmetics. “The Face Shop”, “MISSAH”, “Nature Republic”, “innisfree”, I got so many cosmetics for my mom too.

In South Korea transportation facility is very good. We need to buy a Travel Card and you can recharge it whenever needed. Swipe the card when ever you board and de-board the bus or metro. Every weekend i use to travel alone to different places and meet new people. Most importantly very very safe to travel alone.

Also, every main subway (train station) is directly connected to shopping malls also, they have shopping centers in the sub way station itself where we can buy so many items with reasonable cost.

Places Visited:

1. boryeong mud festival

2. Seoul Tower

3. Mungyeong Tea Bowl Festival

4. Apple Farm Visit

5. DMZ Tour

6. Shopping Malls

One more thing when i was in korea for the first time i started using Facebook, join groups who stay in korea and they are very helpful, interactive and they arrange tours and festive celebrations.

Message me or mail me for any queries.

Yours Localtraveller


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