Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Tanjavur Trip Part-1 Chidambaram (Tamilnadu, India)

Hello blog readers, thank you so much for reading my blog and appreciating me. Once again I am ready to share my travel experience…

This time it’s a bit long trip covering Chidambaram, Tanjavur and Kumbakonam. I am very excited to drive, coz it’s a long trip.

I planned for a 4 day trip. As 26th of Jan is holiday, I took one day leave on Friday so that I get four consecutive holidays including Saturday and Sunday.

My travel plan was ready and the route is via ECR.

This might be a routine statement for readers but it is mandatory step, I got nitrogen filled in my Black Beast tires and checked for fuel levels.

My Black Beast…

This time I started a bit late 9am in the morning from my home in Chennai, reached ECR road and that’s my favorite highway, coz one can enjoy the beach view while driving. This time no breakfast, because it is Thursday and I am on fasting (only one time food, I prefer taking lunch). I was wondering whether I can do it or not, but I did it out of my passion to travel and drive, even though it was raining at most of the places.

I reached Chidambaram by 1:30 pm. I pre-booked a hotel online to avoid last minute running here and there for accommodation. I checked in, had meals. It was a long drive so I was very tired so I took a long nap. By 5 PM, I started to ‘Chidambaram Nataraja Swamy Temple’. ‘Nataraja Swamy’ is nothing but dancing form of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva’s idol is so big and beautiful. I couldn’t take off my eyes. It was so soothing and peace watching him in dancing pose.

Inside Chidambara Temple

As most of you might know regarding ‘Chidambara Rahasyam’, basically it’s an open secret and one should experience that. So excuse me for not explaining.

By the time I came out it was raining heavily, so I couldn’t go anywhere. I went back hotel. After some time rain was stopped and as I said it was Thursday and I wanted to visit Sai baba temple. I enquired at hotel reception and they guided me. I reached Sai baba temple, sat for some time and went back to hotel.

Once I reached hotel, I started planning for the next day trip to ‘Navagraha Temples’, It is a belief that whoever visits all nine temples in one day will be relived from all navagraha dosham.

So I am ready for the challenge… (Visiting all nine temples in one day)

As it is a long trip I am posting it into three parts.

Part-1   Chidambaram
Part-2   Navagraha Temples (Kumbakonam District)
Part-3 Tanjavur and Kumbakonam

See you in Part-2 Navagraha Temples (Kumbakonam District)


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