Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Tanjavur Trip Part-2 Navagraha Temples, Kumbakonam (Tamilnadu, India)

When I visited Nataraja Swamy Temple, there was a book shop where I saw Navagraha Temples map. I bought it for 5 rupees and went back to hotel. I reached hotel by 9pm and started planning for the next day temple tour.

On 27th, I checked out from my hotel at 8am, finished breakfast (it’s a complimentary breakfast 🙂 ) and started from Chidambaram at 8:30 am, to visit the Navagraha Temples in and around Kumbakonam.

First I decided to visit 1.Vaitheeswaran Kovil (Sevvai Temple), I reached Vaitheeswaran Kovil by 9: 30am, it is well known for Nadi Josiyam, there are so many Nadi Josiyam shops were around the Temple. Here we have to give our thumb Impression, based on it they will search for suitable impression in their library and they will tell about our life. But what I heard is only few of them are genuine and rest of them is bogus. I don’t wanted to waste my time here. So I started my journey towards other temples.

My next Temple is 2.Thiruvenkadu (Budhan Temple) which is around 15 kms from Sevvai Temple. I reached Thiruvenkadu  by 10:30 am and then to 3. Keezha Perumpallam
(Kedhu Temple) 
which is roughly 6 kms from there. I visited Kedhu temple and from there started towards 4.Thirunallar (Saneeswara Temple) which is about 45 kms from Kedhu Temple. I started at 11:15 am and the temple will be closed by 1pm. So my biggest worry is to reach there before 12:30 pm and have darshan, otherwise I have to wait till 4pm also the roads are not wide enough, all are single lanes but in good condition. But luckily by god’s grace I reached there by 12:30 pm and had Saneeswara Dharshan.

My next target is also not easy, I had to travel around 60 kms towards north to reach 5.Thingaloor (Chandran Temple) which will open at 4pm. So without wasting time I started to Thingaloor by 1:30 pm and on the way after crossing Thirunageswaram, I had my Mid-day Meal at 3 pm . I was extremely tired but I can’t take rest. Finally I reached Thingaloor ( Moon temple) by 4:30 pm, last 2 kms stretch was very narrow only one vehicle can pass through, moreover it was raining heavily, but somehow I managed to get there. It’s a very small temple but I could see so many vehicles at parking. I think many people are in the same mission like me to cover the Navagraha Temple within one day.

Then by 5 pm I started towards 6. Thirunageeswaram ( Raghu Temple) which I already crossed, this is around 45 kms down south. By the time I reached Raghu temple it was already dark. I felt that it’s going to be really difficult to drive through these roads in night time. The glare of opposite vehicle is very disturbing, because of that I couldn’t drive faster.

Then I started towards 7. Alangudi (Guru Temple) which is around 23 kms from Raghu Temple, I reached there by 7pm. I have to cover still two more temples within 2 hrs. I was slightly worried that whether I could be able to do it today or not. All such thoughts started arising in my mind. If not then all the efforts which I made throughout the day go waste, with all such thoughts, I reached 8.SuryanarKovil (Sun temple) which is 23kms from Alangudi. At 8pm, with lots of hope I started to 9.Kanchanur (Sukkiran temple) by 8:30 pm, it was located in a small village with small roads and you have to pass through a bridge over the Temple pond to reach the temple. It looks little different for me. Finally had Sukkra Bagavan’s Dharshan and came out by 8:50 PM with lots of energy which I got on completing the challenge. It was great experience and I felt that if I would have started early, then I would have covered all temples comfortably instead of hurrying in last minute so this is my plan starting from Chidambaram

1. Vaitheeswaran Kovil (sevvai Temple)
2. Thiruvengadu ( Bhudan Temple)
3. Keezha Perumpallam ( Kedhu Temple)
4. Thirunallar ( Sani Temple)
5. Thingaloor ( Chandran Temple)
6. Thirunageswaram ( Raghu Temple)
7. Alangudi ( Guru Temple)
8. sooriyanar Kovil ( Sun Temple)
9. Kanchanur ( Sukkiran Temple)

Sorry that i couldn’t take pictures, as i was rushing to finish my target…I had no time..

I drove on mud roads, single roads, curved roads, at some places no proper roads and I had to drive through forest as well. One side I am afraid and other side I am excited and happy to be in that situation. It was a very good experience which helped me in improving my driving skills.

Part-1   Chidambaram
Navagraha Temples (Kumbakonam District)
Part-3  Tanjavur and Kumbakonam

See you in Part-3 Tanjavur and Kumbakonam

Yours localtraveller


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