Trip to Srikalahasthi (Andhra Pradesh, India)

11th and 12th March 2017…

I am back with a new travel experience and I am really sorry for a late post as I was occupied with some other works.

Here we go….

Srikalahasthi is famous for Shiva Temple and Rahu-Kethu Pooja. It is belief that if we do rahu-kethu pooja in Srikalahasthi, all our doshas will go off. Also we should do this pooja in Rahu kalam (timings as per Indian calender).
As a part of my journey, I wanted to visit the temple and do pooja there. This travel is a bit special beacuse I visited the temple and did pooja on a special day that’s my Birthday……..
Being an IT employee I prefer travelling on weekend so that I no need to take permission from my manager and tell blah blah blah reasons for leave.
My journey started early in the morning!
As I said we have do pooja in Rahu kalam, so on saturday rahu kalam is from 9:00am to 10:30am. I have to finish pooja before 10:30am. (insisted by my parents  🙂 )
Before the day of travel, I checked the nitrogen in tyres and  filled the fuel and I am ready for travel to Srikalahasthi with my Black Beast (pet name to my ecosport)
So I woke up 4:00am in the morning, got ready and started from home by 4:35am. One important instruction given by my parents is one should do this pooja with empty stomach. So no other options I had to follow, so no breakfast. I reached Srikalahasthi by 7:50am.
Usually it takes three and half hours to reach Srikalahasthi from Chennai Central Station, and on top of that I have to travel 22 km from my home to station (no other route I have to go through station).
I was very proud that I reached my destination early than estimated time (may be because of early hours).
Day before to travel I had a very serious discussion with my dad regarding route, I was arguing that via ‘Sullurpeta’ is the best route (one of my friend told me that from Sullurpeta to Srikalahasthi is a good route), my dad was telling that via ‘Tada’ is the best route moreover that is usual bus route, after so much of discussion I convinced my dad that Sullurpeta route is the best.
I reached Sullurpeta and took left to reach Srikalahasthi, for my surprise it is a single road and both the sides of the road has so many pits. I cannot go back (i should reach ASAP), so I had to drive, I continued driving with a bit of difficulty as this type of route is new to me. After so much of efforts I reached destination before time.(happy that I reached before the estimated time).
My dad told me to go for a 300 rupees ticket as the hall where we do pooja is pretty old and constructed in 15th century and has more positive engery. So many people come from far places to do pooja in Srikalahasthi specifically in Rahu kalam. There was very big queue and I was standing in line for almost one and half hour. It was a bit tiring without breakfast. Finally I reached the hall, did pooja as per instruction given by Priest (pujari). They give instructions in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. All the rituals are done, I came out and had a very good meals at Sarvana Bhavan near to the temple.  I booked a stay and put all my luggage and took a nap. As it is summer it is very hot outside in fact unbearable so it’s better to carry a umbrella, if you are going in summer.
In the evening at 5:00pm, I started towards Bhaktha Kannapa Temple.
View from Top
It is located on the hill and we need to take nearly 100 stairs. From top of the hills, its a beautiful view of big hills and town. On the way back, I bought few local items and had early dinner (dosa, vada and my favourite bajji).
Later I went to Subrahmanya Swamy Temple (Kumara Swamy Temple).
It is also located on the hills, you need to take 50 stares. By the time I returned back to hotel my legs are paining severely and I was very tired, I slept off.
Next day I got up at 7:00am got ready and went out to have breakfast. Next to my hotel there is a small shop where you can get very good south Indian breakfast. I had idly, poori with very tasty chutney, sambar and potato curry. I went back to hotel packed everything and checked out and started towards Bharadwaja Theertham. It is a small pond surrounded by trees, you can see dead fishes due to lack of water. As it is summer it is very very hot.
Later I visited to Sri Kalikamba Temple, near to Kalikamba Temple there is one more temple Sri Kalabhairava Temple again located on the hills, this time no steps but slant cement road, I reached top with so much of pain and visited the temple. Next to that there is one more Shiva Linga.


I would appreciate Srikalahasthi people, they are so helpful and were guiding me when ever I need the directions. Thank you so much Srikalahasthi.
My next visit is to Veyilingala Temple, again this temple is on the big hill and you need to reach the place through a forest. On the way to this temple you could see beautiful farms, mango trees and big trees all the way providing shade.
The moment you reach that place, so many local people come to you, greet you and ask whether you need any help to reach the temple, even if you say no they will follow you and they keep on saying so many things and they convince you to say yes. They forcefully act as a tourist guide, truth is that they say that whatever you give we will take but once you return back they start bargaining. So don’t pay more than hundred. I payed 120 rupees for two guides. They also suggest you to do so many poojas but, what I would say is all that is not required. Finally they charge 300 to 400 rupees. They are poor people but they forcefully guide you and collect money from you, that I didn’t like.
You need to take nearly 350 stares plus a 2 km walk through forest to reach that temple then same while returning. On the way you could see so many idols of Rishis and godesses, shiva linga and small stream of water.
As you have to walk through forest you could see birds, dogs and so many monkeys and could hear insect sounds through out the way.
Finally I reached temple, I was expecting 1000 lingas (Veyi means 1000 in telugu language)  but the thing is on one big linga 1000 lingas are sculptured. It is beautiful to see.
Now I returned to Srikalahasthi and started to my home in Chennai. This time I thought of going via Tada, its a very nice route, double way and four way sometimes (this is the best route to reach Chennai).
I reached Tada in an hour and had lunch, then again started my journey to my home. I reached home by 5:00pm.
While driving back I was thinking, I didn’t listen to my dad and took a difficult route but by this I learned to drive in a single route with more care. So what I understand is, that sometimes you need to break the stereo type and do something new, it might be difficult initially but definitely it will be beneficial, if you do it carefully. Also now I know the value of my dad words. From next time on wards I will listen to him, after all whatever he says it is for my goodness. Sometimes it is good to break the rules and sometimes it is good to follow. Its again depends on individuals….
Yours Localtraveller

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  1. Thank you all for your encouragement….


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