Trip to Horsley Hills (Andhra Pradesh, India)

Hello Blog readers…

I am really sorry for taking a long gap for posting my travel experience, soon I will let you know the reasons.
For now, I am back with one more travel memory in my Dream Journey…
Horsley HillsOoty of Andhra Pradesh.  Beat the Summer Heat with Horsley Hills Cool Climate…Very nice place for a vacation, that too in summer time to feel the cold environment.

Horsley Hills is also known as Yenugu Mallama Konda, a saintly old woman named ‘Mallamma’ who lived at top of the hill and was fed by elephants. Later W.D. Horsley, a British collector, built his home, there after it is known as Horsley Hills. In contrast to the dry surrounding, this area with cooler climate made it attractive as a hill resort and tourist spot.

I started at 7am in the morning from my home in Chennai, till Ranipet route was double way, so no issues but after Ranipet, road is a single way and so many heavy vehicles. As it was a long weekend that too summer vacation time, most of the people were travelling, so too many vehicles on road. At Ranipet, I had breakfast and started towards my destination. On the midway @ Palamaner, I saw many pottery shops where they are selling mud items like bowls, decorative items, vases etc.

I always wanted to buy mud vessels for cooking. I stopped @ one shop and started bargaining and bought 5 vessels with lid. Shop keepers securely packed vessels with newspaper and placed it in my car, later I started to Madanapalle.

Reaching Madanapalle

I reached Madanapalle by 1pm, checked in a hotel. As it was a long journey, I took a nap and @ 3.30 I had lunch in a restaurant next to my hotel and was enquiring for nearby tourist places. He told, Horsley Hills, Gangamma Temple and Saibaba Temple are the major places. One more is Talakona Waterfalls, near to Tirupathi. As I am running short of time, I thought of planning Talakona Waterfalls next time when I visit Tirupathi.

Best time to visit Horsley Hills is early morning! So I planned to visit on next day morning. Also, Gangamma Temple is near Boyakonda, it is on the way back to Chennai, so I want to cover it while returning. So left with Saibaba Temple. So I went to my room and slept. Evening got ready and went to Saibaba Temple.


It is a very old temple but with modern look. Pujari was telling that this temple was constructed before the construction of Saibaba Temple in Shiridi. If you can read Telugu language, temple history is written on the sign boards. Next to that old temple, there is a big hall with Saibaba idol in pure white granite stone. Idol was very attractive. I sat for sometine and I felt peace in my heart. Later went back to hotel. As I had late lunch I was not hungry but I thought of having fruit juice. Juice shop was next to my hotel. I ordered for a Green Apple Milk shake which costed 35 rupees, if it was in Chennai it would be definitely more than 60 rupees…. Went back to hotel and slept off as I have to wake up early to reach Horsley Hills.

Horsley Hills is 27 kms from madanapalle. I started by 6.30am from my hotel. Climate was really awesome and it was drizzling.


It took one hour for me coz this is the first time I am driving through hills. Till ‘Kothavooru’ it’s a normal road (single road) after that I need to drive on hill. Its 10 kms on hill, I was really scared, too many pin point curves, very steep haaaaa really one should experience that feeling of  first time driving on hill. Whole 10 kms I held my breath and was praying to God to take care of me J. Finally I reached top of the hill, now I could breathe normal. I reached by 7.15am.

That’s a big Vowwwwwwwwwww



It was my first hill station visit. It was amazing. Climate was very cold with mist, I could see green hills. OMG I cannot explain in words. It is really a worth going place. I am lucky that there was not much crowd at that view point. Very peaceful place. One can enjoy the nature and oneself. I sat on the hills and was completely enjoying the nature. I sat till 8.15am and then started to India Viewpoint. Here you could see land which was carved as a India map and it is well maintained.

India view point

Then I went to have breakfast, there were some small hotels where I had dosa and tea.


Later I went to Zoo, not many animals but with so many birds, deer, peacocks etc. I was lucky to see Peacock dancing with opened feathers. It was really beautiful.


Later I went to 1000 years old neem tree. There was also a  very big and old eucalyptus tree named Kalyani. People say that it was the tree planted by W.D. Horsley.

Eucalyptus tree planted by W.H Horsley

Later I started back downhill. Now with a bit confidence. I reached hotel by 11am. Took a nap and started back to Chennai by 12.30pm. While coming back at Boyakonda, I visited Gangamma Temple, idol was very beautiful idol and I heard that this place has so many super natural powers.

Entrance to Gangamma Temple

While driving back, roads are full of vehicles, all of them are driving back to their places after a long weekend.

Really it was a kind of surprise cool climate for me that too in very hot Summer. I returned with a plan to visit Tirupathi and Talakona Falls….

Yours Localtraveller


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