Trip to Brechtesgaden – Konigssee (Germany)

Hello Blog readers…

This time I am here to share my travel experience in Brechtesgaden. I am not sure whether I can explain it in words because it is nature’s beauty at peaks. I will try to explain, but I think pictures will speak more than my words. Let me give a try…

Brechtesgaden which is actually called as Brechtesgaden national park is a mountain region located on the Bayern region of Germany. It acts as natural boundary between Germany and Austria. Brechtesgaden is home to diverse wild life particularly eagles, deers and bears. There are so many lakes in this region which are mostly formed by the melting glacier from the mountains. Königsee is one among such lakes in Brechtesgaden surrounded  by artistic mountains  . The view is as same as my imagination when I was kid, if somebody ask me to do any drawing, first thing I do is to draw mountains, a water fall, sunrise, flying birds, a small hut and a lake with ducks (I think most of us have done this hope you remember that :-).

When I saw such view in real, I was amused with excitement….

It was a breath taking view.

I planned this trip on Sunday, just because I had 4 continues holidays (Sat, Sun, Mon & Tue) and on Monday I want to go for shopping because Tuesday is Government holiday.

So, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning got ready, packed lunch and breakfast. As Königsee comes under Bayern, took a day ticket which costed 31€ for 2 persons.

This is how the route is

Traunstein -> Freilasing -> Berchtesgaden -> Konigsee

From Traunstein to Freilasing it’s a normal Train, from Freilasing to Brechtesgaden there is a special train which runs on a single track. It is specially dedicated for Brechtesgaden, connecting Freilasing to Brechtesgaden. This train will take you through tiny villages and along the mountains ranges and sceneries which are inherent to this region.


I reached Berchtesgaden station around 9:30. It was a beautiful sunny day and from the station I could see the mighty mountains and greenery.

Just outside the station there is a bus stop. In the bus stop, there was a clear display of important tourist places to visit and buses which are covering those areas. I have selected few places to cover like Haus der Berge, Eagle’s Nest and Königsee. Next to the station there is a river flowing through the town and so many hotels and resort are lined up in this area, ready to greet the tourist who wants to relax along the river side and enjoy the nature.

From Berchtesgaden, I took a bus to Haus der Berge and reached in 7 minutes. From outside it looks like a modern architectural building. I went in and enquired about the musem and other places to visit nearby. The people at the reception were very friendly, they explained me possible ways to explore Brechtesgaden and also gave me a English broucher with a map.   

I bought  entry ticket for Haus der Berge which costed 4€ per  person. Inside the musem they have made an arrangement to give a look and feel of all three seasons in Berchtesgaden. There are different sections in the musem, which are well equipped with video and audio visualization to give the feel of the wild life in Brechtesgaden. Also there was HD video screening on a big wall about the wildlife in Brechtesgaden. It was like watching National geographic channel. I sat there for some time and watched the video. Brechtesgaden is very large area and its difficult to explore some of the high altitude places. This museum gives us an overview of Brechtesgaden with its rich flora and fauna.

I spent around 1 hour in the musem. Next place which I wanted to visit is Eagle’s nest which is located on one of the peaks in Brechtesgaden. It was used by Hitler during the Second World War II to discuss important strategies.  We need to take a cable car to reach this place. But to my surprise it was closed for public because still they are clearing the heavy snow which happened during the winter and will be opened for Public from next month. So I skipped Eagle’s Nest and decided to visit königsee.

I took a bus back to Brechtesgaden station and from there took another bus to Königsee. Within 15 minutes we reached königsee bus stop.  From the bus stop we need to walk to Königsee through the streets which are flooded with restraunts, souneviour shops and Ice cream bar. Eagles nest is also located on the same area. In Königsee there is a boat trip to the islands located on other side of this lake.  We took a round trip to st. Bartholoma which costed around 15€  per person. This boat trip was well organized trip on beautifully designed  battery powered boats. Throughout the trip a guide was explaining us about the history of königsee, some of the important incidents happened and names of mountains. At some particular spot they stopped the boat and played the trumphet near a mountain and the sound was echoed for almost 7 times. It was really mesmering . Ride to St. Bartholoma took around 45 minutes, on the way one can enjoy the scenic view of snow covered mountains and waterfalls formed by the melting galceries.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

St. Bartholoma is a small Island famous for its very old church built in 1700s. We visted St. Bartholoma church and took walk around the island and spent some time on the banks of the köngisee feeding ducks. As I mentioned earlier it was breath taking view, one can totally forget about the everyday stress and merge with the nature. I have seen people also traveling further from St. Bartholoma to next places with Skiing sets and equipments. If you like hiking this place will definitely gives you a good adventure. In winter time there will be heavy snow in this region and sometimes there will be avalanche. So summer, June to mid September is the best time to visit this place. I spent around 2 and half hours in St. Bartholoma and took a boat back to shore. From there took a bus back to Brechtesgaden bus stop and from station boarded train to Freilasing.

Night 9:30 at Traunstein Station

Overall it was a great trip, beauty of Königsee and the boat ride experience was unforgettable one…

Yours Localtraveller


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