Trip to Highest Point in Germany- Zugspitze…

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I am back to share my travel experience at Germany’s highest point Zugspitze.

Zugspitze is the highest point of the Wetterstein Mountains. It is almost 2,962 meters above sea level. It is located at Germany-Austria border. There are different ways to reach the top of the mountain, few people prefer to go by trekking but most of the people go by cable car.


I was very excited to reach the top of the mountain, so I don’t want to delay. Even though
the weather in Zugspitze was a bit rainy as I travelled during the end of July, I got up early in the morning at 5 am. Got ready and packed necessary food items and reached Traunstein station by 6:30. We took train at 6:45 to Munich, Zugspitze comes under Bavaria, so train ticket costed 31€ for two persons.

The route goes this way,

Traunstein – Munich – Garmisch Partenkirchen

We reached Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From there a special train will take us till the foot of the Zugspitze called Eibsee.


It is 1000 m above sea level and from there we need to take a cable car which will take to 2962m, to the top of Germany. I reached Garmisch-Partenkirchen by 10:30am, by the time it was raining a bit. It was a beautiful view with sky touching mountains. I just stood there for few minutes and enjoyed the view.

Later I went to the ticket counter and bought two tickets To and Fro for 2 persons which costed 112€ (which includes train ticket to Eibsee and cable car to the Peaks). Tickets are issued based on the capacity of the cable car and in different batches. I was waiting in the lobby for my turn. The cable car approached down with a batch of people who came back after a fantastic view of top of Germany. I boarded the cable car with all excitement. It took 20 minutes to reach the top. After travelling for 10 min, I am into clouds, I could see nothing. The moment cable car reached the top, everybody jumped out of cable car and were running towards top most point.

To reach the top most point you need to pass thorugh a building which is divided into different levels. First level is Cable car area, second level we could find refresh area, change area, restaurants and third level is the top most point, where few more terrace restaurants are available. So I walked through those levels and when I reach the third level I could hardly see anything, it is totally full of fog. I am into clouds. I was running around the place out of excitement. It was very cold and I put on my jacket. I sat there for some time in silence. Even though there were so many people around I felt the silence and calmness. There is a place where only hikers are allowed with mandatory hiking costumes. It is like some need to climb on the small part of the hill, looks almost perpendicular to reach the top where there was a cross symbol. Very few people go there and take clicks.

Later I planned to go to another place called Gletscher (means Glaciers in German), where I can walk around and hike. With my ticket I can travel to and fro to Gletscher any number of times from the peak point. I took a cable car from the top and reached Gletscher. It is located slightly below the top point and it looks more scenic than the peaks, it has a very wide open area covered with snow, surrounded by mountain peaks in all the directions. We can walk and trek around the small glaciers in this area. There was a small old church and also restaurant in this area. This place was very cold but really refreshing. I would feel the freshness in air. So I took deep breathes and energised myself Suddenly I felt very cold and I entered the church to feel warmness for some time. After that I started feeling hungry, I came out of church and had my lunch. As I said earlier even though you could see many people around you, you could feel the silence of the place.

There were some snow games, like sliding and skiing. Kids were enjoying a lot. There were so many hikers who were climbing hills around. I also started walking towards some small mountains.

When I looked back, I could see nothing than hills and clouds. I spent around 2 hours in the Gletscher walking around and sat there in silence for some time. Later in the evening again I took a cable car back to the peak and from there took a cable car to the foot of Zugspitze. Near to the foot cable car station there is beautiful lake called Eibsee formed by the melting glaciers from the mountains. I went to the Eibsee, here there is possibility of renting a pedal boat and explore the lake. I was slightly tired after hiking around the mountains so I sat onthe rocks on the banks of Eibsee and had snacks. There are so many  ducks in this lake, they will approach you If they notice that you are eating something. I offered some snacks, it was initially eating from the lake and later came out and approached towards me to eat directly from my hand. I got scared a bit and dropped the snacks on the ground. They ate and went back into the lake. It was very surprising to watch, how those ducks has accustomed to the tourist.

Later in the evening around 5:30 pm. I took a train back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and
from there to Munich and reached back home at 9:30 pm. Zugspitze is an excellent place to explore in Germany. Eventhough the cable car ride was slightly expensive but worth paying. I have never been to Himalayas but those snow covered mountains remains me of Himalayas.


See you again with a new travel experience.

Yours Localtraveller


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