Travel to South Korea


That was my first travel to abroad; in fact that was my first travel by flight. I am excited, confused and worried, it’s a mixed feelings. Before a month to travel, I started shopping, packing and lot more preparations. Common on, I know it’s a bit early but its my first travel right, excitement is allowed. I was talking to people who already traveled to south korea and getting required information and got some information from google.

Before the day of travel the company guy has given me 500$ for initial expenses. The day has come, I have to leave my family to South Korea, I reached airport with my family. I took blessing from my parents and said bye to my brother and sister and walked towards check-in formalities.

As I said it was my first flight, I was a bit worried, while check-in, my luggage was overweight and by that time my parents…

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  1. Thank you all for liking the post and encouraging me 🙂


  2. roninjax says:

    That’s fantastic that you are taking this journey, pushing aside your fears and apprehension. I remember my flight a few years ago to South Korea and even enjoying the seaweed they served on the airplane. South Koreans are wonderful people and I enjoyed my short visit there. I wish I had good photos to share of the trip but I didn’t have a camera during that time, nor i-Phones. Looking forward to seeing your future posts. 🙂

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  3. Thank you RONINJAX for your kind comment and encouragement..
    Yes, South Koreans are fantastic…this trip will be always near to my heart..


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