About Me

I am very happy to meet you all, I am Maadwar Siva Priya (MSP)!

I love eating, travelling, blogging, photograph and some random acts of kindness, but on the top of all I love food (Vegetarian, no offence).

I am from Hyderabad, India and my husband is from Tamilnadu. Currently we are working and living in Germany. I am lucky that we both love travelling, food, reading books, spirituality and so on…

Thank you for stopping here and I look forward to connect with you all!


More about Me:

I was born in Andhra Pradesh, India.  From childhood, I love eating food. My mother used to say that I ate lots of food in my childhood (now too..:-)). I remember so many situations where most of my relatives discussing on my clean and neat food habits. I was a non veg lover, my dad prepares very tasty non veg recipes. But I left eating non-veg when I was 25.

I studied in Vijayawada, till 7th grade, due to my dad’s job, we shifted to Kurnool. Till graduation I was in Kurnool then moved to Hyderabad in search of job. Later my family shifted to Hyderabad.

Initial seven and half years I worked in Hyderabad, as a part of my project, for the first time I took my first flight to South Korea. There I started to travel alone and sometimes with HippeKorea, a facebook group. She organizes very good trips and she is very friendly. There I discovered how much I like travelling, meeting people, understanding their culture and so on…

Later I moved to Bangalore, where a magical thing happened in my life. I met my life partner, a spiritual person, traveler and food lover. He is very positive, he has solutions to any kind of problems, he never complains, he has a soothing smile always on his face hmmmm…. and an amazing person whom I ever met. It’s a beautiful journey.

As a part of work I used to travel to Germany, then every weekend I travel with groups to different places around. But at that time I did not take much of pictures and was not thought of blogging.

Later we moved to Chennai, where I really started travelling to different places. Started with spiritual tour and scenic sometimes. I should say about my Car, my black beast, my Eco-sport without that it would be very difficult to commute and to travel. In most of my Chennai blogs I mentioned about it. Usually I plan a weekend or 3-day trip based on holidays and leaves. While travelling, I used to take so many pictures and selfies, I did not know what to do with it, but I wanted to save them as memories. Then my husband advised me to start a blog put the information regarding places to visit, food, expenses, culture and so on…In real it’s a budget travelling considering safety.

That’s how my blog Localtraveller started.

In Germany, the place we live is a kid of village. Everywhere I see, a panoramic view of nature, greenery, hills, skiing station and a forest next to my house. I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place. People come here as a vacation, but I live in a vacation spot, how nice.

My journey toward my dreams started…

Yours localtraveller


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  1. roninjax says:

    That’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to reading back through some of your blogs. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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